Rio's War Arsenal takes delivery of mortars and other military materials

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – On March 10, 2023, took place at the Rio War Arsenal (AGR), Military Organization directly subordinated to the Manufacturing Directorate (DF), a military formation to mark the delivery of another batch of Military Employment Materials (MEM) manufactured and revitalized at this OM.

In all, 10 units of the 120mm Mortar (Mrt P 120 M2A1 R) were revitalized, the armoring of a Wheeled Loader (Engineering Equipment) was produced, and 01 Kit for transporting the 81mm Mortar, ammunition, and support material for this weapon in the Guarani Armored Vehicle. The Manufacturing Director, Mr. General de Divisão Tales Eduardo Areco Villela, attended the graduation.

The 120mm Mortar revitalization consists of its complete disassembly for metrological inspection, replacement of all items that have undergone design changes, and corrective and preventive maintenance. The second material is the production of an Armor Kit for Engineering Equipment, the Wheel Loaders, which, after being tested, can be delivered to the OM for support in several operations. Finally, the production of a kit to transport the 81mm Mortar, its ammunition and other equipment to support the shooting of this weapon inside the Guarani armored vehicle was also concluded, without altering the peculiar characteristics of buoyancy and other aspects of this troop transport vehicle.

The materials will be sent to CAEx for further tests.

Source: War Arsenal Rio

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