Technology and innovation are highlights of Magirus at FLORIAN 2022Technology and innovation are highlights of Magirus at FLORIAN 2022

Since September, Magirus, the Iveco Group brand, has been traveling around Europe with its innovative traveling exhibition “Experience the Future” to present its portfolio of modern products to fire brigades and interested visitors. In Dresden, Germany, the latest in next-generation firefighting could be experienced outside and on the stand. During the FLORIAN 2022 fair, the brand presented the new tactical logistics platform Magirus Wolf C1 and the robot Magirus Wolf R1. Both are part of the revolutionary new generation of firefighting.

Launch of the new Magirus Wolf C1

With the launch of the new Wolf C1, Magirus expands its range of remote-controlled robots. As the newest member of the Wolf product family, the innovative tactical logistics platform assists firefighters and disaster management teams in transporting heavy loads and equipment, for example over difficult terrain or in more remote locations.

With a sophisticated container exchange system including metal tracks, the robot is very versatile and, above all, resource-saving. It takes on tasks such as transporting fire pumps, power generators, sandbags, or injured people. In addition, the Wolf C1 can be individually equipped for specific purposes, such as a mobile lighting mast for illuminating scenes, with a large launcher that can be lowered into place, or hose support. Magirus is the only supplier in the firefighting and disaster management field to offer applied rescue robots.  

Magirus TP-Logistic VCU Presentation

FLORIAN’s focus was also on the TP-Logistics pump with vehicle control unit (VCU). The extensively equipped fire engine combines innovative communication, control and logistics technology.

With powerful firefighting technology from Magirus and variable logistics and equipment capabilities, it ensures maximum safety and flexibility even in critical operations. Mobile drones for reliable live image delivery, also in infrared, are integrated in a targeted way and can be used intuitively, as is the control of the Wolf R1 and Wolf C1 tactical response robots.

Presentation of the WaterTank XT90 from Magirus

Another novelty is the WaterTank XT from Magirus. Especially in case of bush and forest fires or lack of infrastructure, it is ideal as a mobile water tank for firefighting. It guarantees a constant supply of extinguishing agents, as well as a mobile or fixed supply on site. The WaterTank XT is currently available in four sizes with volumes ranging from 6,600 to 16,800 liters. By using the fire fighting vehicles as a tank pump, it fills existing gaps in the infrastructure and ensures constant and simplified transport service. As it can be connected directly to the tow vehicle’s centrifugal pump, such as the TLF AirCore, it offers a significant increase in volume, even off paved roads.

The height of the trolley to drum means that it is no longer necessary to use fire pumps to fill collapsible tanks. With the WaterTank XT, Magirus once again proves its practical orientation as well as its innovative strength in well thought-out and detailed solutions.

Delivery of the HLF iDL powered by CNG to Radeberg

Overall, the presence at FLORIAN was successful for Magirus. Many interesting discussions took place with national and international visitors. Once again, the professional fair proved to be an important annual market meeting place for decision makers and emergency services.

A special highlight was that State Secretary Dr. Frank Pfeil, who opened FLORIAN 2022 on behalf of Saxony’s Minister of the Interior Amin Schuster, officially received Central Europe’s first gas-powered fire pump. In the future, the CNG-powered HLF-10 pump from Magirus will be used for both firefighting and servicing in the city of Radeberg. When refueled with biogas, the operation of the vehicles can be 100% CO2 neutral and, above all, will save expenses.


Passion, precision, high technology, and skill. Since 1864, Magirus has championed the combination of innovation and tradition for firefighters around the world. With a wide range of modern and reliable firefighting vehicles, turntable ladders, logistics and rescue vehicles, special solutions, pumps, and portable pumps, Magirus is one of the largest and most advanced suppliers of firefighting and disaster management technologies in the world.

Magirus is a brand of Iveco Group, a global automotive leader active in commercial and professional vehicles, powertrain and related financial services areas.

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