Protecta has a new CEOProtecta has a new CEO

Victor Gallo bets on innovative launches and disruptive solutions to better serve the final consumer

The company Protecta – Proteção a Toda Prova (All-Purpose Protection), that develops individual protection products for security agents and for the civil society, is with a new CEO ahead of business. With wide experience in Sales Management, and academic graduations in Administration, Governmental Relations, and Business Management, by the Methodist University of São Paulo and Getúlio Vargas Foundation, Victor Gallo is excited with his new position.

“The prospects are the best and most optimistic we have ever had. The Defense and Security market is very strong in Brazil, it is a sector that moves a significant fraction of the GDP, and contributes to the guarantee of law and order and national sovereignty,” states Gallo. He explains that “just like Protecta, most companies in the segment were directly or indirectly affected by the consequences of COVID.

Besides the great supply crisis, the world logistics was greatly impacted by all this, freights and commodities with high values. We relearned how to plan and prepare ourselves amidst so many uncertainties. And now we will go through a phase of greater stability and predictability. Headquartered in Itaquaquecetuba (SP), Protecta is an EED (Strategic Defense Company) and manufactures several products, such as: Airbags for the automotive industry; opaque armor for civil and public safety vehicles; and bulletproof vests and shields.


According to Gallo, “the initial focus is to present to the market innovative launches of products and disruptive solutions, which will deliver to the end user, besides the confidence they have in our brand, high performance allied to comfort and flexibility. He points out that the company also aims to expand business beyond domestic borders. “When I took over as CEO, our plans were to remain the leader in the market where we operate in Brazil and to have a relevant space internationally. We already work with exports, but my mission is to expand this business, because I believe there is a lot of opportunity in this market,” he explains. We are prepared for this, because we have international certifications, in addition to a quality system focused on the control of all production processes,” he says.


Brazil is a country that breaks records when the subject is car armoring, one of the branches where Protecta operates. Gallo explains that “the country that most armors cars in the world is the most competitive country in this market”. “The trend that we see for armoring is that the numbers continue in an upward trend, with the consumption of this type of product in high growth. The armoring market is extensive, our competitor pairs are competitive and have good technique in the production of their products. I evaluate that in this business, the ones who get ahead are the ones who are able to plan for the market challenges and have financial conditions to support the operation, which is robust and loaded with high working capital”, explains Protecta’s CEO.


“Protecta has three BUs (Business Unit), which are totally different among themselves, have different complexities and products, but that converge when the subject is the protection of the life of the people who use our products in the day by day of the public security and that is present when we need it the most, as for example the armors and airbags”. “We are the only company manufacturing air bags in Brazil, pioneers in this business in the country. This industry has maximum criticality when the subject is product safety, we operate in a business that needs to be controlled from end to end, from the suppliers to the supply chain, which has materials that are bought and transported to Brazil from several parts of the world,” he explains.


“Our mission is to save lives, we work with effort, drive, discipline, in addition to good technique. All of this is materialized in products and equipment in which we trust our lives and that of our families. He concludes: “This means that we have a noble mission to protect those who protect us and to provide the users of our products with the necessary confidence, so that when they are exposed to high risks, our brand protects them, making sure that everyone gets home safely at the end of the day.

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