Taurus participates in a defense exhibition in India and continues to expand its presence in the countryTaurus participates in a defense exhibition in India and continues to expand its presence in the country

Taurus, a Brazilian Strategic Defense Company and one of the world’s leading weapon manufacturers, through its joint venture in India with Jindal Defence Systems Pvt Limited, which together formed J HIND TAURUS, is participating in the 12th edition of DEFEXPO, India’s largest exhibition of internal, land and naval Defense and Security technologies and products, taking place from October 18 to 22, at the Helipad Exhibition Center (HEC), in the city of Gandhinagar, Gujarat. 

This important event, in particular, will give the regulatory, police and military authorities the opportunity to get to know Taurus as a company that is transferring technology to India, through the joint venture, under the “Make in India” program, consolidating itself as a defense industry in the country. Participation in DEFEXPO makes partnerships possible, besides being an opportunity to expand relationships with governments and Armed and Police Forces from several countries and to get to know what’s new in the sector.

The fair has a total area of 76 thousand m², 1,028 exhibitors from 70 countries, more than 3 thousand delegations and an expectation of more than 1 million people during the days of the event.

At DEFEXPO, Taurus is presenting its products aimed at the police and military segments, highlighting the T4 rifle with a 9″ barrel in the 5.56 NATO caliber, a version that meets the requirements of the Indian Armed Forces, as well as the two new models of the Taurus rifle family, the T10 in the 7.62×51 caliber and the T4 in the 7.62×39 caliber with a 14.5″ barrel length.

Complementing the tactical line, Taurus is also exhibiting its TSeries pistols. The TSeries guns maintain their excellence with a Striker Fire firing system, have an efficient sealing system against dust, sand and mud, and are ideal for police, military and special forces use under extreme conditions, as well as personal defense. In addition, the company presents to the Indian market the TH series pistols, which bring robustness and precision for ostensible use, are considered reliable, easy to operate, and have 100% ambidextrous keys.

Taurus weapons are recognized for their innovation, reliability, safety and precision. Their exclusive designs are developed in compliance with the most rigorous quality and safety standards required by the most qualified security agencies in the world.


The factory in India, a joint venture between Taurus and Jindal Defence, which includes the pioneering transfer of Brazilian technology and meeting the demands of the promising Indian market, has already been concluded and is being equipped, and is awaiting the last operating licenses to begin activities.

At the same time, Taurus’ commercial team is active and focused on opening opportunities in this large market, and commercial actions are underway at DEFEXPO.

Furthermore, the Indian Ministry of Defense issued a document post “AoN – Acceptance of Necessity”, confirming the continuation of the bidding process by the Indian Army for a total of more than 425 thousand CQB 5.56 x 45 mm carbines. The next step will be the opening of the RFP – Request for Proposal and submission of the offer, estimated to occur in November 2022. Taurus is already preparing to participate in this bidding process.

In the scope of the Indian Armed Forces, the future acquisition of at least 140 thousand submachine guns is under study, and in the sphere of the state police and paramilitary forces, the possibility of acquiring another 120 thousand units, including pistols, submachine guns and rifles of various calibers.

India has the third largest military budget in the world, and is a very promising market.

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI Team ***

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