Taurus Armas and Brigade sign a distribution agreement in BrazilTaurus Armas and Brigade sign a distribution agreement in Brazil

Taurus Armas S/A signed a distribution agreement with Brigade Manufacturing Inc, a company that manufactures rifles on the AR platform, based in the United States. The agreement provides for the exclusive distribution of the products of the Brigade brand in the Brazilian market, which will be supported by the logistics that Taurus has in the country, as well as assisted by the company’s traditional Technical Assistance network.

All Brigade models selected will undergo tests and certifications, to ensure the quality and performance of TAURUS products. The first batches of rifles on the AR-9mm platform (model BM-F-9) should be available in early October, in different colors with Cerakote finish.

“This agreement with Brigade will allow Taurus to further complement its product portfolio in the domestic market, always seeking to meet all the demands of our dealers and clients. All this with Taurus’ guarantee and technical assistance”, emphasizes Taurus’ Global CEO, Salesio Nuhs.

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