TAURUS and CBC participate in the Shooting Tournament of the Nations with foreign Military Attachés, which takes place during the Homeland Week in Brasilia

Taurus and Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), considered among the world’s leading manufacturers of arms and ammunition, are participating in the VI Shooting Tournament of the Nations, to be held on September 8, at the General Darcy Lázaro shooting stand in Brasília (DF).

The tournament, which this year will be part of the commemorations of the Homeland Week, consists of a 9mm pistol shooting competition in the standing position, free hand grip without support, precision shooting, at a distance of 25 meters, organized by the 5th Army General Staff Sub-headquarters for Military Attachés from Friendly Nations, including countries such as France, Japan, Mexico, Guatemala, Israel, South Korea, the United States, and Egypt, among others.

The event was attended by military personnel from 23 countries and Brazil, besides guests such as the Colombian Ambassador, Leonardo Quintero, with a total of 50 participants.

The brands TAURUS and CBC supplied products for demonstration with the weapons and for the competition, such as pistols in the models TS9 and TH9 in 9mm caliber, especially developed for police and military use, 1 thousand 5.56mm caliber CBC cartridges and 2,500 in 9mm caliber.

Besides strengthening the Brazilian Army’s image with the community of foreign military attachés, praising Brazil’s Independence Day (on the occasion of the Homeland Week celebrations) and promoting the integration of military personnel from Friendly Nations and Diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with Brazilian military personnel and armed forces, the event is an opportunity for manufacturers in the sector to promote their tactical product lines and strengthen relations with military representatives from several strategic countries, as well as with the Brazilian Army.

The foreign attachés and the Brazilian military also conferred on the occasion the exhibition of Taurus products, among them the G3, GX4, TS9 and TH9 pistols, the recently launched T4 MLOK 14.5″ and T4 300 MLOK 16″ rifles, the renowned T4 5.56mm rifle, as well as the SMT 9mm submachine gun.

*** Translated by The DEFCONPress FYI Team***

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