Taurus will launch special limited series of weapons in commemoration of the 200 years of Brazil's IndependenceTaurus will launch special limited series of weapons in commemoration of the 200 years of Brazil's Independence

Taurus will launch three commemorative weapons to celebrate the 200 years of Brazil’s Independence. The historical versions are collectible, numbered, limited to 200 units of each model, and will be sold in an exclusive wooden package. The launching video features the special participation of the Head of the Imperial House of Brazil, Dom Bertrand de Orleans e Bragança, great-great-grandson of Dom Pedro I.

“Taurus, as a Brazilian company that is among the leaders in its segment and is part of the Defense Industrial Base, considers the commemoration of the Bicentennial of Brazil’s Independence to be very important. Therefore, we invited Prince Dom Bertrand de Orleans e Bragança to be the protagonist of the launching video and to present this unique collection. His participation fills us with pride, since Dom Bertrand is a descendant of the Brazilian imperial family and great-great-grandson of Dom Pedro I, who proclaimed the Independence of the country”, says Taurus’ Global CEO, Salesio Nuhs.

Each piece of the collection was carefully produced by Taurus to become part of the collection of the most demanding collectors in the arms segment. The commemorative series is composed of the Single Action Emperor revolver in .45 Colt caliber, the 1911 pistol in .45 ACP caliber and the 92 pistol in 9mm caliber.

The Single Action revolver is a model with 150 years of history, used by the American Army in the 19th century. It is considered the classic of classics and became well known in Western movies. The gun returns to the Taurus portfolio in this commemorative version with the name Single Action Emperor revolver.  

The M1911 is a semi-automatic single action pistol and served as the standard weapon for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 to 1986. It is an established platform that is over 110 years old. It was also the official weapon of the Brazilian Army for years. This classic, which has been manufactured by Taurus since 2005, now gains this exclusive version.

The 92 pistol, developed in Europe in 1972, was the first pistol produced in Brazil by Taurus. This model equipped the Armed Forces for many years. It completes the Taurus Independence collection commemorating the Bicentennial.

The launchings will be commercialized starting September 7, at 9am, on the Taurus sales portal, aimed at military, police, CACs and civilians who are part of categories authorized to purchase these products, according to current legislation.

Soon, the three pieces of the first serial number of the collection will be auctioned together with an exclusive piece of furniture made of hardwood.

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