From April 4th to May 6th, military personnel from the military organizations of the 10th Motorized Infantry Brigade (10th Bda Inf Mtz) completed the Basic Caatinga Combatant Training Program. The internship took place in the rural areas of the Pernambuco cities of Bezerros, Custódia, and on the Tanque de Ferro Farm in Petrolina, and in the state of Alagoas, in the municipality of Piranhas.

The internship, which becomes part of the basic individual instruction phase for the new recruits, aims to adapt the military to work in the Caatinga, a genuinely Brazilian biome. The instructions collaborate to raise the operational level of the Brigade’s battalions and subunits, taking into consideration the rationalization of the material and human resources to be employed.

The internship lasted one week, during which instruction was given on the characteristics of the Caatinga environment; building shelters; obtaining water and fire; animal and plant food; poisonous animals, hunting traps, and survival. At the end of the internship, the concluders were declared Caatinga Combatants of the Brazilian Army and will have all the prerogatives foreseen, such as numbering and manicaca. This year’s edition served as the basis for the creation of the Experimental Standard Program for the Basic Caatinga Combatant Training Program, which was sent, through the 7th Army Division, to the Land Operations Command for approval.

More than 1,300 military personnel from the 14th Motorized Infantry Battalion, the 10th Mechanized Cavalry Squadron, and the 14th Logistics Battalion completed the internship in Bezerros (PE). In Custódia (PE), around 320 military personnel from the 71st Motorized Infantry Battalion and the 10th Combat Engineering Company concluded their training. At the Tanque de Ferro Farm Field of Instruction, 150 soldiers from the 72nd Motorized Infantry Battalion completed the internship, as well as soldiers from the 59th Motorized Infantry Battalion, who completed their internship at Fazenda Patos, in Piranhas (AL).

Source: 10th Motorized Infantry Brigade

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