Akaer Engenharia S.A has won the bid opened by the Brazilian Army for the modernization of an initial batch of 9 units of the EE-9 CASCAVEL medium armored reconnaissance vehicle on wheels. The result of the bid was published in the Diário Oficial da União earlier this month, on May 4.

This achievement consecrates the work of AKAER, which for more than 30 years has been recognized worldwide for its track record in developing cutting-edge technologies dedicated to defense. “This is a pioneer project with application potential for the entire fleet of this vehicle in use by our country, after the validation of this initial batch to be done by the Brazilian Army”, states AKAER’s commercial director, Aldo da Silva Junior.

The project consists of a wide modernization package and the adoption of new technologies that involves a new motorization and suspension, fundamental to increase the vehicle’s locomotion capabilities in the most varied types of terrain. An air-conditioning system will be implemented to improve the operational environment of the crew, consisting of the driver, shooter, and commander.

Regarding situational awareness, a vital feature for quick decision making on the battlefield, Akaer will replace the current commander’s mechanical turret with a new automated turret. This improvement will increase the speed of response to commands and precision of operation.

Aiming to increase operational effectiveness in the use of weapons, the program includes the replacement of the optical sights with a modern optronic system for searching and aiming targets and identifying possible threats. This technology will allow for day and night operations and in degraded atmospheric conditions.

A modern shooting computer will be responsible for all ballistic calculations, providing a significant increase in the probability of hitting targets.

The electronic system will have a command and control computer that will analyze in real time all the sensors scattered throughout the vehicle to read the environmental parameters that interfere with mission execution.

The modernized EE-9 Cascavel will have the addition of an anti-tank missile launcher in its main turret, introducing this capability in armored reconnaissance vehicles of the Brazilian Army.

The achievement of this project was highlighted by AKAER’s CEO, Cesar Silva.

“AKAER is honored to have been selected by the Brazilian Army for the EE-9 Cascavel modernization program. It is a clear demonstration of recognition of the capacity of national engineering and industry in support of the needs of the armed forces in Brazil,” said the CEO.

Source: DefesaNet – English version by Defeconpress

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