Sergeants' School trains at Urban Operations Training CenterSergeants' School trains at Urban Operations Training Center

The students from the School of Sergeants of Arms (ESA) took part in a series of instructions and training sessions at the Urban Operations Training Center of the 28th Mechanized Infantry Battalion, between July 18 and 22.

The training was carried out by three officers, five sergeants, and twenty-two ESA students, with instructions in first aid in combat, crisis management and negotiation, ostensive patrolling tactics, techniques and types of progression in an urban environment, combat techniques in confined spaces, chemical agents, and rifle and pistol combat shooting.

The purpose of the instructions was to complement the education of the Escola de Sargentos das Armas students and to improve the instructors and monitors, applying basic knowledge, techniques, tactics and procedures in urban operations.

Source: 28th Mechanized Infantry Battalion

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