Peace Operations: Brazilian Ministry of Defense participates in conference in BangladeshPeace Operations: Brazilian Ministry of Defense participates in conference in Bangladesh

Peace Operations: Brazilian Ministry of Defense participates in conference in Bangladesh

Carolina Militão

To promote research and training in peace operations, the Ministry of Defense (MD) participated in the 26th Annual Conference of the International Association of Training Centers (IAPTC), at the Bangladesh Peace Support Operations Training Institute, in Dhaka, from October 31st to November 4th.

At the event, the Ministry was represented by the officer from the Peace Operations Sub-Country Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Frigate Captain André Cavalcanti da Silva Mello. “This is the world’s largest event on training for peace operations, which brings together military and civilian institutions. For us, who have two Peace Operations Centers as references in the international community, the exchange of knowledge and the expansion of networks were fundamental, in order to improve our performance,” said the military officer.

There were 237 participants, from 52 countries, who debated about the theme “Peace Operations in the Digital Age: Opportunities and challenges for a global training community”. In all, 11 panels were presented. Finally, there were round tables with questions and debates.

Participation – Brazil’s participation was highlighted by the Commanders of the Brazilian Joint Center for Peace Operations (CCOPAB) and of the Naval Peace Operations Center (COPazNav). The Commander of CCOPAB, Colonel Carlos Alberto Moutinho Vaz, talked about the best lessons learned from Exercise VIKING22, conducted remotely and through simulators in Sweden and Brazil.

In a second moment, a bilateral meeting took place between the Commanders of the Brazilian Peace Operations Training Centers and representatives of the Peace Operations Training Institute (POTI), about the online teaching platform, focusing on the National Training Center’s e-learning platform. The technology will facilitate the distance training of military personnel who will act in peace missions.

The IAPTC is a voluntary association of centers, institutions, and programs working on research, education, and training for Peace Operations. The Conference is held annually with the continents of IAPTC member countries alternating. In the year 2024, it will be held on the African continent in Nairobi, Kenya.

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