Arquus, Thales and NTGS have officially presented the new Sherpa A2M (Advanced  Mobile Mortar), during a ceremony organized on Arquus’ booth at Eurosatory 2022.  

The Sherpa A2M is an adequate answer to the tactical challenges met and created by artillery in the high intensity warfare: mobility, protection, close support to the troops on the ground and mobile counter battery options at the fraction of the price of a Self-Propelled Gun (SPG). 

The alliance of Arquus, NTGS and Thales allows the application of a truly complete solution delivering a  unique indirect fire support solution, suitable for infantry support, collaborative armed forces troops and  Special Forces, as well as autonomous artillery units looking for a high level of mobility and protection. 

The Sherpa A2M combines the excellent mobility of a Sherpa Light, the proven Deployable Mortar System  by NTGS and the 120mm rifled mortar barrel by Thales, into one full fully integrated new solution.  

Thanks to Thales capability, the vehicle embeds 120 mm rifled ammunition and in the future the mortar  laser guided ammunition. The rifled mortar barrel is three times more precise than smoothbore mortar.  Due to this superior efficiency and accuracy, it can achieve similar operational effects with much less shots;  around 4 times less rounds needed than for a smoothbore mortar.

NTGS provides itsskills in global systems with the fire control system in the back of the vehicle. This system  conveys information about targets and points of interest, which represents a significant strategic  advantage. Thanks to their expertise, the A2M Sherpa delivers control across all mission operations and is  already combat proven. The mortar and tube from NTGS and Thales are qualified both by NATO and by  different armies.  

The Sherpa Light is a multipurpose, 4×4 armored vehicle, designed by Arquus to provide with a wide array  of versions and customizations for all needs and missions, built on a single, proven base for increased  commonality and ease of maintenance. It is a modern, mature, new-generation vehicle, which is built on  many years of industrial experience, operational deployments on the battlefield and maintenance. It is  protected against ballistic and mine as well as improvised explosive device threats with a STANAG 4569- certified protection, which ensures a high level of safety for the crew inside the vehicle during operations 

The Sherpa A2M can carry 40 rounds of 120mm mortar ammunition in the rear and possibly additional  ammunition in the cabin, depending on user requirements. It has a range up to 8,2 km with standard rifled  ammunition and up to 13km with a rocket assisted projectile, allowing it to enhance the protection of the  embarked soldiers by engaging units without being hit (Shoot & Scoot). 

Combining the expertise of these three companies’ expertise ensures the highest level of quality for each  of the Sherpa A2M’s features: protected tactical mobility, ruggedness, superior firepower and accuracy,  as well as easy deployable systems and intuitive fire control. 

At Eurosatory 2022, the Sherpa A2M is presented with a Hornet Lite RCWS fitted with a 7.62mm MG for  the vehicle’s self-protection.  

The Sherpa A2M can be seen on the Arquus booth, Hall 5A F281.

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