From May 9 to 13, the Parachute Pathfinder Course of the General Penha Brasil Parachute Training Center (CI Pqdt GPB) conducted the school exercise Operação Gavião, in the region of Sobradinho and São Tomé das Letras (MG). The exercise prioritized the accomplishment of combat missions in hostile territory, preceded by a ground infiltration and, finally, by a pre-planned helicopter exfiltration.

The operation is part of the 1st Phase of the Parachute Pathfinder Course – Technical Operational Leveling and was carried out with the support of the Weapons Sergeants School (ESA) and the Army’s 2nd Aviation Battalion,

Also that week, the Parachute Pathfinder Course gave a motivational lecture to the ESA students, promoting the activities inherent to the specialty.

Militaries of the Parachute Folding Course conclude the sportive free jump parachute folding phase

In the period from April 24 to May 18, the students of the Parachute Folding, Parachute Maintenance and Air Support Course (DoMPSA), from the Parachute Instruction Center General Penha Brasil (CI Pqdt GPB), carried out the sportive free jump parachute folding tests. The students have successfully completed another of their planned activities in the 2022 calendar, totaling eight intense weeks of coursework so far.

During the last two weeks, the students of the DOMPSA Course, composed of military personnel from the Brazilian Army, the Brazilian Navy’s Marine Corps and military personnel from friendly nations, had their skills, resilience and knowledge tested in the practical and theoretical tests of the sportive free-jump parachute folding phase.

After much training, dedication, and extreme fatigue, the students demonstrated great ability and determination to be part of the select group of military personnel ready to perform the folding of the main and reserve parachutes for the sport free jump. This parachute is used for a wide variety of military missions, such as infiltrations into hostile or denied enemy territory. Parachute missions are highly risky, so training in parachute folding requires the application of the most rigorous technical standards, which are encapsulated in the motto “never miss”.

Source: General Penha Brasil Parachute Instruction Center *** Translated by Defconpress

Note 1: In the Brazilian army the term used for Pathfinder is Precursor, so the original title literally translated from Portuguese would be: Precursor Parachute Course conducts school exercise in Minas Gerais

Note 2: Minas Gerais is a state of the Brazilian Republic.

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