The Army Aviation Command (CAvEx) conducted, between May 2nd and 13th, Operation 3 Moons. The simulated exercise took place in two phases: the constructive simulation and, starting on May 9th, the virtual simulation.

The objective was to train the Army Aviation Command and certify the 1st Army Aviation Battalion (1st BAvEx) in the specialized module of the Land Force Readiness Force.

The operation included all of the Army’s military aviation organizations, including those external to the Army Aviation Command: the 3rd and 4th Army Aviation Battalions, from Campo Grande (MT) and Manaus (AM), respectively.

During the operation, the techniques and advanced training in relation to flights with night vision goggles were improved and reinforced. In the first phase, the units received the orders of operations, made the planning and issued their orders.

Once this was done, the war game was started by executing the fragmented orders. In the second phase, the crews of the aviation battalions executed the tactical missions in the flight simulators of the Flight Simulation Division of the Army Aviation Training Center (CIAvEx).

Operation 3 Moons collaborated with the certification of the specialized mode of Army Aviation.

Source: Army Aviation Command

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