Parachute Infantry Brigade prepares its Readiness ForceParachute Infantry Brigade prepares its Readiness Force

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – On September 9, the Operational Readiness of the Parachute Infantry Brigade Readiness Force took place at the Coronel Mena Barreto Parade Ground. The Force is composed of 2,308 military personnel and is organized on the basis of the 25th, 26th and 27th Parachute Infantry Battalions and the 8th Parachute Field Artillery Group, which constitute the Afonsos, Santos Dumont, Velame and Cannoneiros task-forces, respectively. These task forces have combat and logistical support elements that provide them with adequate Command and Control and the necessary Sustainability for Urban Operations.

Prepared for its employment in Operations to ensure Law and Order and to guarantee Voting and Counting, it uses state-of-the-art individual and collective equipment and armaments; night vision equipment; laser sights; optical lunettes; various means of communication; an anti-riot kit; and various types of operational vehicles, among other military-use materials. Due to its heterogeneous constitution, with members from the various combat functions, it has the possibility of operating in isolation and has a particular ability to reach the area of operations within 24 hours of its activation.

Thus, the Paratrooper Infantry Brigade is able to meet, in a short period of time, the hypotheses of employment aimed at Operations of Law and Order Guarantee and Voting and Counting in any part of the National Territory.

Source: Paratrooper Infantry Brigade

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