On June 14, the Parachute Infantry Brigade received a visit from a committee from the Pakistan National Defense University. Led by Brigadier Fahham Bin Sultan, accompanied by the Pakistani Defense Attaché in Brazil, Brigadier Muhammad Ahsan, and composed of 11 other members, the committee was welcomed by the Chief of Staff of the Parachute Infantry Brigade, Colonel Ricardo Moussallem.

After the reception, the delegation was taken to the General Penha Brasil Parachute Instruction Center, where they watched an institutional lecture, visited the Simulation Division and all the technology used in the several courses given by the Parachute School, took part in a demonstration at the Training Area, and visited the Airborne Museum.

Finally, the delegation participated, together with officers of the Brigade Command and Commanders of the Parachute Military Organizations, in the traditional “Badernaço”, experiencing and celebrating the history and traditions of the Brigade and the Parachute Mystique.

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