Operation Taquari completes 30 days and enters a new phaseOperation Taquari completes 30 days and enters a new phase

“Operation Taquari” completed 30 days on Thursday (05/10), with various actions to support the population of Rio Grande do Sul affected by the heavy rains. The work of the Armed Forces, which initially covered the Taquari Valley, ended up extending to the southern and western borders of the state, the central regions of Rio Grande do Sul and the metropolitan area of Porto Alegre.

The Operation’s Joint Command (created to exclusively coordinate the actions of the Armed Forces) deployed 1,300 military personnel in actions such as search and rescue; aeromedical evacuations; medical and dental care; transportation of families; food and medicine logistics, among others.

In coordination with Civil Defence in Porto Alegre, the second phase of the operation will focus on military personnel working on warehouse logistics, sorting the material received and organizing distribution. In the other regions of the state, they will continue to extend a helping hand to the population at the Civil Defense’s request.

Actions taken:

  • Searching for and rescuing victims; aeromedical evacuations; transporting teams and homeless people; sorting and delivering clothes, donated food; distributing drinking water; supplying food to firefighting teams in the field; setting up tents; cleaning and clearing roads; damage control; medical support; and setting up internet communication systems.


  • 1300 military personnel, 115 vehicles, 35 specialized vehicles and engineering equipment, 20 boats, 09 aircraft, 32 tents, and 09 cisterns.
  • 12,000 roof tiles distributed in Bagé;
  • 2,792 medical and dental consultations;
  • 15,276m3 of rubble removed, equivalent to 1,273 dump trucks;
  • 6,523m3 of donations transported, equivalent to 284 medium-sized trucks.

Locations where the Armed Forces will operate:

  • (36 municipalities) Alegrete, Arroio do Meio, Arroio Grande, Bagé, Cachoeira do Sul, Canoas, Cerrito, Colina, Cristal, Cruzeiro do Sul, Eldorado do Sul, Encantado, Estrela, Ijuí, Jaguarão, Lajeado, Manoel Viana, Montenegro, Muçum, Nova Santa Rita, Passo Fundo, Pelotas, Porto Alegre, Pedro Osório, Quaraí, Rio Grande, Roca Sales, Rosário do Sul, Santa Maria, Santa Teresa, Santiago, São Borja, São Gabriel, Sapucaia do Sul, Uruguaiana and Venâncio Aires.

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