Operation Onyx brings together senior officers and captains in a major simulation exerciseOperation Onyx brings together senior officers and captains in a major simulation exercise

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – This October, students from the Army Command and Staff School (ECEME) and the Officer Training School (EsAEO) carried out Operation Onyx 2023. The operation is a constructive simulation exercise with the aim of training the decision-making process and promoting interoperability and integrated planning of the different combat functions.

Through the COMBATER System, the officers faced a series of Simulated Military Problems, which required analytical and decision-making skills. The COMBATER System constructively simulates combat, combat support and non-war situations, which require the military to have a high capacity for analysis and decision-making.

Operation Onyx applies the concepts of synchronization to combat functions, exploring the use of sensors, processors and actuators. The students developed the skills of planning, operating and leading at the same time. The interaction between senior and middle officers creates an environment conducive to innovation and comprehensive action planning at all echelons of the Ground Force.

Over the course of three weeks, the exercise brought together 173 senior officers, students on the General Staff Command Course, and 391 captains, students on the Officer Training Course, as well as two instructors from ECEME and 30 from EsAO. The activities took place at EsAO’s facilities and at the East Training Center. Cooperation between the officers’ schools helps to strengthen the Land Military Doctrine.

Source: EsAO

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