Niederauer Brigade holds symposium "Armored Brigades - a vision of the future

Santa Maria (RS) – On November 22nd and 23rd, at the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade Command Headquarters, “Brigada Niederauer”, the symposium “Armored Brigades – a vision of the future” took place. The activity was promoted by the 6th Bld Inf Bld and counted with the participation of the commander and members of the 5th Armored Cavalry Brigade (5th Bld Cav Bld), the commanders of armored military organizations, and invited companies of Technology and Military Employment Material Systems (SMEM).

The event aimed to promote the leveling of knowledge among the members of the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade and 5th Armored Cavalry Brigade, discussing fundamentals, concepts, organization, capabilities, and employment of the Armored Brigades. In addition, the symposium debated issues related to the Brigade’s Organizational Chart, identifying short and medium term actions to solve challenges regarding the current endowment and availability of material and personnel.

The Symposium provided a broad discussion on the needs to update the Armored Brigades to face the new technological challenges that have arisen in recent conflicts, and contributed to the elaboration of documents that will support studies to make the Armored Brigades even more effective in the fulfillment of their missions.

Source: 6th Armored Infantry Brigade Command

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