Niederauer Brigade conducts logistical inspection of the 1st Combat Car RegimentNiederauer Brigade conducts logistical inspection of the 1st Combat Car Regiment

Santa Maria (RS) – On November 17th, the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade, “Brigada Niederauer”, carried out a Logistical Inspection in the 1st Combat Car Regiment. On this occasion, the state of conservation of the various types of military materials, the wheeled and tracked vehicles, the warehouses used for various types of supplies, as well as all the activities related to the logistics of the “Regiment Vanguardeiro” were verified.

The purpose of the logistical inspection was to obtain information that would enable the taking of measures by the higher echelons, increase the operational rates of the troops, increase the efficiency, efficacy and effectiveness of the Logistical System and contribute to the preservation of the Military Employment Materials and equipment used by the troops.

1st Combat Vehicle Regiment carries out maintenance on its Leopard 1 A5 BR armored vehicles

Between October 31 and November 16, the 2nd Squadron of the 1st Combat Car Regiment (1st RCC), an operational subunit that makes up the Unit’s Readiness Force (FORPRON), carried out 1st level maintenance on its combat cars, focusing on the exchange of worn out skids.

The Armored Combat Vehicle (CBV) Leopard 1A5 BR has live tracks in its rolling gear, with steel plate pads wrapped in rubber. These pads must be replaced when they wear out, and it is up to the combat vehicle’s garrison (4 military personnel) to check their condition.

Each track consists of 84 pads, but under certain conditions it may consist of 83. Each track has 2 pads, for a total of 168 pads. The maximum wear allowed for them must be such that the metal part of the skid does not touch the ground, otherwise this indicates that the pad is worn out and must be replaced.

This activity aims to maintain the operationality of the Task Force 1º Regiment of Combat Cars (FT 1º RCC), as a unit that makes up the 6th Armored Infantry Brigade (6th Bda Inf Bld), the only Large Unit of Rio Grande do Sul that is part of the Brazilian Army Readiness System.

Regiment of Combat Vehicles is visited by members of the University of Santa Cruz do Sul (RS)

On November 18th, the 1st Combat Vehicle Regiment received a visit from members of the University of Santa Cruz do Sul (UNISC)-RS. This activity allowed the visitors to know in detail the various simulators used in the certification of the Leopard 1 A5 BR armored combat vehicle garrisons, as well as the work developed by the soldiers of the “Vanguardeiro Regiment” who are part of the Unit’s Armored Training Section (SIBld).

Source: 1º Combat Car Regiment – Credit: Sd Moura e Cb Brain *** Translated by the DEFCONPress FYI team ***

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