On May 25, 2022, Fundação Ezute delivered the Research Report entitled “MARITIME LOGISTICS AND THE IMPORTANCE OF VTMIS” to the Naval War College.

The academic work was carried out according to the work plan established by the institutions for the biennium 2021-2022 and the research group was composed by EGN’s professors, Ezute’s professionals and the masters students from the Graduate Program in Maritime Studies at the Naval War College (PPGEM-EGN) Ana Carolina Dias Terra and Vivian de Mattos Marciano, who are scholars from the Foundation.

The formal delivery of the report was made by the Ezute’s Defense & Space Market Director, Carlos Eduardo de Almeida Jr. to Alte Lampert (EGN’s Director), in the presence of the Foundation’s program coordinator, Cleber A. Oliveira and EGN’s officers Cmte Brito, Alte Magno and Alte Wieland.

The Naval War College (EGN) and the Ezute Foundation have an academic cooperation agreement in the areas of security, defense and maritime strategy. The partnership involves joint studies and, for this, Ezute has active scholarship holders in research projects. The partnership between the EGN and Ezute exists since 2015 with a renewal agreement already signed until 2025.


EGN-EZUTE Research Group


Since the advent of technological innovations such as radio and radar, there has been an increase of information in the maritime environment, allowing a more assertive control of maritime traffic by managers. Over the years, new technologies have been incorporated into port infrastructures and vessels, making the management of maritime space near ports even more informational through the implementation of the Vessel Traffic System (VTS) or Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS), which provide accurate data that facilitate the decision-making process. Considering the points above, this report aims to analyze the importance of VTMIS in the light of the Maritime Logistics concept and its respective functions. The study aims to map the tangible and intangible benefits that an intelligent port enjoys when implementing the VTMIS system.

The research conducted is primarily qualitative and exploratory, and the paper is divided into 3 sections in addition to the introduction and final considerations. In the first section the definitions of logistics and maritime logistics are presented, as well as the functions of maritime logistics. The second section discusses the concept of intelligent port, intelligent logistics, and the domains and subdomains that constitute an intelligent port system. In the third section, an analysis of the application of the smart port concept to maritime traffic management is outlined, as well as the usability of e-Navigation and the smart port domains juxtaposed with the use of VTMIS.

Keywords: Maritime Logistics. Maritime Traffic Management. Intelligent Ports. e-Navigation. VTMIS.

Read the full report (pdf in portuguese)

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