In April this year, Fundação Ezute participated in the execution of tests aboard the Riachuelo, the first of the class of submarines with diesel-electric propulsion of the Submarine Development Program (PROSUB). The tests took place during the submarine’s navigation along the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro.

In all, 4 units are under production in Itaguaí through the strategic partnership between Brazil and France.

This event is a milestone for Ezute, which has been working on PROSUB since 2011 as a knowledge and technology absorber related to systems engineering, software development and integration of the submarine’s Combat System.

The Foundation’s Systems Engineer, Robson Cáceres, was the organization’s representative in these tests, which comprise an important phase of the submarine’s acceptance by the Brazilian Navy.

“For us at Ezute, the participation in the execution of these most recent tests attests to the capabilities obtained by collaborators in previous phases of the project, both in Brazil and in France, allowing the use of the experience we have gained in this important milestone of the transfer project, in which we relate directly to the Naval Group and the Brazilian Navy,” he explains.

Robson also says that the execution of the activities in such a restricted environment as a submarine provided a comprehensive view of the dynamic behavior of both the Combat System and other submarine systems.

“I experienced in practice the routine and the adjustments to the shipboard restrictions. I was also able to follow the high training of the submarine crew”.

In addition to Ezute’s participation, the testing activities relied on professionals from the Navy, engineers from the construction site, and the technology owner itself, the Naval Group company.

Ezute’s scope of work

The Foundation was contracted by the French company Naval Group to act in Technology Transfer (ToT); in Knowledge Transfer (ToK); and in the Production of Local Content related to the Combat System which, in turn, has several other systems included in its composition.

Since 2011, Ezute has worked in technical activities of project, development and integration, both in Brazil and in France, in the areas of Systems Engineering, Integration and Software.

Currently, the Foundation also acts in the installation of infrastructure, cabling, equipment installation, execution of Setting to Work, integration activities, tests and validation of the systems that compose the Combat System in the ground integration platform, the SIF (Shore Integration Facility) at the Madeira Island Submarine Base.

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