Minister Rosa Weber, of the Brazilian Supreme Court of Justice, visits strategic region of the AmazonMinister Rosa Weber, of the Brazilian Supreme Court of Justice, visits strategic region of the Amazon

Tabatinga (AM) – The Military Commander of the Amazon, Army General Achilles Furlan Neto, received on Monday morning (03/20) the President of the Supreme Court and the National Council of Justice, Minister Rosa Weber, at the Solimões Frontier Command / 8th Jungle Infantry Battalion, located in Tabatinga. During a brief explanation to the delegation, General Furlan highlighted the challenges that the Amazon imposes and the work of the Armed Forces in interagency cooperation.

The Amazon Military Command (CMA) is responsible for an extensive area corresponding to 26% of the national territory and includes the states of Roraima, Rondônia, Acre, and Amazonas. For the effective control of the region, the Commander stressed the importance of the agencies working together to comply with the legal framework. He mentioned the seizure of 2,715 kg of skunk-type marijuana by the 3rd Special Frontier Platoon, in Vila Bitencourt, during an operation with an aircraft from the Army’s 4th Aviation Battalion, and emphasized the importance of integration with the Federal Police for the success of this type of operation.

The Javari Valley region is strategic and presents challenges that require interagency cooperation to overcome, an essential factor for local security and compliance with the legal framework. The minister Rosa Weber has an agenda in the city until Tuesday (21), seeking dialogue with local authorities and indigenous leaders to get closer to the native peoples. The Brazilian Army, through the Solimões Frontier Command/8th BIS, is supporting the visit, providing security and logistical support to the delegation in the region. The troops employed in the mission are trained and certified to provide a prompt and adequate response in any situation.

Source: Amazon Military Command

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