Military Engineers of the Brazilian Army conduct Explosives Training Course in Rio Grande do Sul

Porto Alegre and Barra do Ribeiro (RS) – From November 21 to December 2, the 4th Engineering Group (4th Gpt E) held the on-site phase of the Blaster Training Program. Military personnel from Engineering units from all over Brazil participated in theoretical instruction, at the 4th Gpt E, in Porto Alegre, and practical training, in Operation Guaíba.
During the classes, the students learned how to organize and connect the distribution and arrangement of explosives and accessories used in rock blasting. The sergeants from the Engineering System obtained accreditation to work in quarries all over the country. The internship is a promotion of the Works and Cooperation Directorate, through the Engineering Instruction Center of the 2nd Railway Battalion and the 4th Engineering Group, with the partnership of the 1st Railway Battalion.

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