Jungle Infantry conducts training against irregular forcesJungle Infantry conducts training against irregular forces

Cantá (RR) – Army personnel were engaged in the 2nd phase of Amazon Operation, with the objective of training the 1st Jungle Infantry Brigade (1st Bda Inf Sl) in operations against irregular forces. The exercises, which took place from July 25 to 29, contributed to the operationality of the Amazon Military Command and the Brazilian Army.

The Lobo D’Almada Task Force, specialized in Operations Against Irregular Forces, conducted a series of actions to neutralize an irregular force (figuration of the opposing force) that was acting inside the area of operations. Police-type operations were also carried out, in coordination with the public security agencies of the state of Roraima.

In addition to the military operations, the Brigade also developed a civic-social action to serve the communities in the region. In the central square of Cantá, the demobilization and closing ceremony of the operation took place.

Troops from all the military organizations of the 1st Bda Inf Sl participated in the 2nd phase of Amazônia Operation, as well as specialized modules from the 6th Construction Engineering Battalion and the 3rd Special Forces Company. The Lobo D’Almada Task Force was formed based on the Roraima Border Command / 7th Jungle Infantry Battalion.

Source: 1ª Brigada de Infantaria de Selva

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