Brazilian Army Evaluation Center finishes evaluation of the Marine Corps UNIMOG U5000 vehicle

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) – The Army Assessment Center (CAEx) conducted, between May 25 and July 29, technical tests on the vehicle performance of the 5 ton, 4×4, Mercedes Benz UNIMOG U5000 vehicle of the Marine Corps (CFN) of the Brazilian Navy (MB).

The activity, which has the support of the Marine Corps Material Command (CMatFN), is part of a Technical Collaboration requested by the Navy Staff to the Army Staff, which was included in the Evaluation Plan for Military Equipment and Systems (SMEM) of the Department of Science and Technology (DCT) for the biennium 2022/2023.

The purpose is to verify if the vehicle meets the vehicle performance requirements established by the CFN. The requirements were checked in metrological inspection, longitudinal and lateral ramp transposition, service brake performance, acceleration and lateral stability.

The activity developed by the Army Science, Technology and Innovation System (SCTIEx), together with the Brazilian Navy, showed the benefits of cooperation between the Forces in sharing technical information, which is important to assess the safety and performance of the material, as well as to ensure the operability of the equipment being used by the Armed Forces.

Source: CAEx

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