Infantry Battalion participates in Operation Chainado in Butiá (RS)Infantry Battalion participates in Operation Chainado in Butiá (RS)

São Leopoldo (RS) – The 19th Motorized Infantry Battalion (19º BI Mtz) participated in Operation Chain, in the Butia Field of Instruction (RS), during the second half of August. Operation Chain is part of the Advanced Training Period, in which the units directly subordinated to the 8th Motorized Infantry Brigade carry out an area defense, considering a summarily organized position, in order to train all their fractions.

The 19th Military Police Battalion participated in the operation deployed on the ground with the 1st Fusilier Company, an operational subunit of the battalion, and the 2nd Fusilier Company, a subunit composed of those called up for the Reserve Mobilization Exercise, which took place at the 19th Military Police Battalion from August 8 to 21. Part of the reservists who have been on leave in the last 5 years were called to participate in this exercise, when they were given instructions with the objective of leveling up their knowledge, in order to make it possible for them to become part of a Marine company in operations.

During the activity, the 1st Marine Company’s soldiers performed a combat march, advanced combat shooting, 7.62mm MAG light machine gun shooting, and .50mm heavy machine gun shooting. The 2nd Fusilier Company performed a combat march and combat group maneuverability. Closing the field exercise, the two subunits conducted a coordinated attack, consolidating the dominance of a summarily organized position.

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