In its first visit to Brazil, Airbus Beluga will park in Azul's maintenance hangarIn its first visit to Brazil, Airbus Beluga will park in Azul's maintenance hangar

Since its inauguration two years ago, the maintenance center has established itself as one of the most modern in Latin America

Landed at Viracopos airport this Monday (25) one of the most exotic aircraft in the world: the Airbus Beluga. This is the first time the aircraft visits Latin America, as part of a mission to transport a modern and advanced helicopter that will be assembled at Azul’s maintenance hangar in Campinas.

To welcome the illustrious visitor, an event brought together authorities and executives from Airbus and Azul to monitor and record the unprecedented landing of the Beluga at Viracopos airport. The hangar, one of the largest and most modern in Latin America, has today about 360 crew members who work in three active maintenance lines: two responsible for complete checks on A320, A321 and A330 aircraft (NEO/CEO), and another dedicated to the installation of wi-fi and TV on board the aircraft.

The maintenance lines, in turn, work on two fronts: the heavy maintenance that takes place within a period of time, calendar, flying hours and landings, and the special shutdowns. The first one happens when an aircraft needs to undergo a heavy check, that is, a more complex technical maintenance due to the time the aircraft has been flown, the number of landings performed or even the flight hours already completed.

The line dedicated to take care of the fleet in the so-called special stops performs unscheduled tasks when, for example, there is the need to change an aircraft’s engine or to perform structural recovery of the aircraft.

The Campinas hangar is able to perform special shutdowns of all aircraft in the fleet, but the heavy maintenance only includes the A320 and A330 models.

“The hangar has a very special meaning for Azul, because it is a space where we not only park our aircraft for inspections, but also perform several tasks of the most different complexities. In more than two years of operation, our hangar has grown not only in number of crew members, but also in tasks, which were only possible because of the structure and modernity that we implemented. Receiving an aircraft of the size and size of the Beluga and giving up the facilities to assemble one of the modern helicopters already launched shows the quality and importance of our space”, says Flávio Costa, Azul’s Technical Vice-President.

Azul Hangar in numbers

  • 35,000 m² of area
  • 335 crew members
  • 7 workshops
  • 4 aircraft modified for F-Class Cargo
  • 32 Wi-Fi / STV facilities on board (23 Airbus and 9 E2)
  • 58 heavy checks
  • 267 minor checks change the number of minor checks
  • 329 thousand hours of service

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team ***

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