IACIT will present technologies with integrated solutions for defense and security applications at the BID Brazil 2022 ShowIACIT will present technologies with integrated solutions for defense and security applications at the BID Brazil 2022 Show

IACIT Soluções Tecnológicas, a strategic defense company based in São José dos Campos, will be present at the 7th BID Brazil Exhibition, which will take place on December 6th to 8th, at the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center, in Brasília (DF).

The event is an ABIMDE (Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Materials Industries) event, promoted by Apex-Brasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). IACIT will highlight in its booth several technologies such as the DRONEBLOCKER, a system capable of detecting and locating the presence of drones and blocking them with radio frequency interference.

Another highlighted solution will be the OTH 0100 and the VIMTRAH (Real-Time Beyond Horizon Integrated Maritime Surveillance) platform, a technology applied to Defense through the Beyond Horizon radar for maritime surveillance at great distances.

“The VIMTRAH platform fuses data from OTH 0100, coastal radars, E/O sensors, and collaborative sources, allowing real-time monitoring of parameters such as speed, latitude, longitude, and course of targets, which makes the solution an important tool for maintaining maritime sovereignty, and can also be used in aerial monitoring,” explains IACIT’s Marketing and Sales Director, Gustavo de Castro Hissi.

For the safety of the air space, the DME 0200 (Distance Measuring Equipment) will be presented. This is an air navigation equipment that allows to determine the distance of an aircraft in relation to a point located on the terrain and supporting the spatial location as an alternative to GPS navigation, a 100% national product, operating in several locations in Brazil by the Brazilian Air Force through DECEA (Airspace Control Department).

As Integrated Solutions, IACIT will present the e-VTOL, a take-off and vertical landing vehicle with sustainable electric energy. “This trend developed by the company offers the same platform more than one technological solution for different markets. The e-VTOL, enables its application in different solutions as in the oil and gas segment, besides energy inspection, says IACIT’s Technology Director, Luiz Rocha.

Learn more about IACIT products

  • DRONEBlocker 0100 | 0200 / Anti-Drone System

SCE 0100/0200 (DRONEBlocker, COMBlocker and RCIEDBlocker): Electronic countermeasure systems for anti-Drones, anti- RCIED and anti-communication application. Allows integration with various sensors, is portable, and can be used in special missions or large events. Dual use for military and civilian applications.

  • OTH 0100 Radar (Over the Horizon) / Maritime Surveillance

The Over the Horizon Radar is capable of detecting and tracking targets on the maritime surface up to 200 MN from the coast and aircraft flying at low altitude. This radar uses the concept of OTH-HF SW (Surface Wave) where we use the water surface as a conductor for signal propagation, unlike conventional radars that are limited to the direct line of sight.

  • VIMTRAH (Real-Time Maritime Integrated Surveillance Beyond the Horizon)

Service of supply of information in real time of maritime surveillance contemplating the fusion of data from the Radar Beyond the Horizon – OTH 0100 with collaborative sources for integration in maritime surveillance systems.

  • e-VTOL – Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (Transport of Cargo between Onshore and Offshore Platforms)

It is a complete solution for cargo transportation over long distances, operating the autonomous unmanned vehicle, managed by an Air Traffic Control and Monitoring System. The platform works in multi-layers, with an HMI interface, integrated to the customer’s systems and to the Brazilian Air Force’s offshore ATC (FAB). In the Oil & Gas segment, this solution can be widely used to transport cargo and equipment between onshore and offshore platforms.

  • RMT 0200 – Radar Meteorological, Doppler, S Band, Double Polarization, Solid State / Severe Weather Radar for the defense of society

It is an S Band, Double Polarization Weather Radar, with a last generation solid state transmitter (SST), applied to the detection of meteorological phenomena at long distances. It contributes with strategic information for assertive decision making in Air Traffic Control, Agribusiness, Water Resources Management, and Natural Disaster Prevention.

  • MIND (Meteorological Integrated Nowcasting for Decision-making)

MIND is a Command and Control platform capable of merging data from various sources, such as Radars, Surface Meteorological Stations, Hydrological and Geotechnical Stations, Satellites, Models and Meteorological Messages, allowing a situational awareness scenario of prevention and strategic actions for decision making.

  • DME/DME – Distance Measuring Equipment / Air Navigation Aid

Certified by the Airspace Control Institute (ICEA), it is a system developed for unattended operation in remote locations, and can be supplied in the DOUBLE TRANSPONDER/DUAL MONITOR or SINGLE TRANSPONDER/SINGLE MONITOR configurations. It is used by the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) to ensure the safety of the country’s airspace.

  • GBAS- Ground-Based Augmentation System / Safe Landing Aid

It is a system that provides differential corrections and integrity monitoring of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS), providing precision navigation and approach procedures in the vicinity of the airport.

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