7th BID Brazil Showcase 7th BID Brazil Showcase 

The Brazilian Association of Police Delegates is one of the supporters of the event held by ABIMDE in partnership with ApexBrasil

The President of Adepol (Brazilian Association of Police Delegates), Rodolfo Queiroz Laterza, will give a lecture about legislative issues at the 7th BID Brazil Show, which happens on December 6th to 8th, in Brasília (DF). Considered the main national event on Defense and Security, the Exhibition is held by ABIMDE (Brazilian Association of Defense and Security Industries and Materials), in partnership with ApexBrasil (Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency). 

The lecture is scheduled for December 7th, at 4pm, with the theme “Legislative action to strengthen the IDB: Scenarios and strategies based on compared paradigms”. 

“We will talk about how to work on bills that strengthen the regulatory framework of the Defense Industrial Base. For this, we will bring to the lecture, examples of success from other countries where we will analyze and compare the realities of paradigms,” explains Laterza, President of Adepol Brazil. 

The entity represents the category of delegates of the Civil and Federal Police of the whole country. According to the president, it has about 6,000 members from 29 state institutions. 

For Laterza, the approximation between Adepol and ABIMDE will be beneficial for police institutions all over Brazil and for companies in the Defense and Security Industrial Base (BIDS).

“Knowing the new technologies, services and solutions that will be exposed and presented by ABIMDE member companies to public security during the Exhibition will allow Police Marshals, their associates and related institutions to have the necessary knowledge to avoid the acquisition of imported similar products to the detriment of national solutions, which often have better cost, better technology and better training conditions for our operators,” said the President of the entity. 

He also highlights that Adepol do Brasil will be able to contribute with ABIMDE in issues related to legislative proposals in the National Congress. “We have experience and technical knowledge, we will be able to contribute with ABIMDE aiming at the creation of a regulatory framework favorable to the Defense and Security Industrial Base. Our support in this area is unconditional”, he said. 

Laterza also said that he has great expectations for the 7th BID Brazil Show. “Police institutions acquire large volumes of technologies aimed at Public Security and we know that the event will present, through its exhibitors, the innovations and products of high added value for our segment.” 

Rodolfo Queiroz Laterza, President Adepol Brazil

7th BID Brazil Showcase 

In this seventh edition, the BID Brazil Exhibition had its exhibition area enlarged and will occupy two pavilions of the Ulysses Guimarães Convention Center. The space will gather the main companies of the BIDS and more than 20 institutional supporters. 

The organizers expect to repeat or exceed last year’s success. 

In 2021, the 6th BID Brazil Show received more than 3,000 visitors and a qualified audience, including ambassadors, military attachés, and foreign delegations, among them, France, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and South Korea.

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