First Rattlesnake NG prototype presented to the Army General StaffFirst Rattlesnake NG prototype presented to the Army General Staff

The project to modernize the Cascavel armoured vehicle is at an advanced stage, following the schedule established by the Brazilian Army.

Last week, the first prototype of the reconnaissance vehicle was presented to the Basic Course and Cavalry Course of the Agulhas Negras Military Academy (AMAN), in Resende (RJ). The ceremony was attended by General Fernando José Sant’Ana Soares e Silva, Chief of Staff of the Army, and the commander of AMAN, General João Felipe Dias Alves.

The Cascavel modernization project is being carried out by the Força Terrestre consortium, led by Akaer, in close collaboration with the Brazilian Army, through the Manufacturing Directorate. It is of significant importance to Brazil’s sovereignty, expanding the EB’s operational capacity with new and modern resources.


The Cascavel NG (New Generation) prototype was presented to the Army General Staff command with the automotive platform, the main armament turret and the 90mm cannon’s swivel and elevation mechanisms.

The commander’s and gunner’s optronics package was integrated with corresponding monitors, control panels, joysticks and the PAN/TILT platform (stabilizer platform). During the presentation, they also demonstrated the bezel, which offers the gunner a 4 to 12 times magnified view.

On the automotive platform, in addition to the new powertrain, air conditioning, braking system and new driver’s dashboard, one of the major developments was the installation of the new vision package with four cameras and complete situational awareness, allowing a 360° range of the environment around the vehicle. With 100% digital operation, it enables permanent scouting.

“The advances in the Cascavel modernization project reinforce Akaer’s firm commitment to innovation and excellence in the defence industry. It also symbolizes the Brazilian Army’s ongoing commitment to redefining standards and driving progress in its initiatives,” said CAA Silva, CEO of the Akaer Group.

The project

The modernization project for the Cascavel armoured vehicle involves:

  • Complete overhaul of the chassis, turret, transmission, suspension and 90 mm cannon;
  • Replacing the engine with a more powerful and modern version;
  • Tire pressure adjustment system adaptable to all types of terrain;
  • Deployment of state-of-the-art optronics (replacing optical sights) integrated with a new firing computer, responsible for carrying out all ballistic calculations, providing a significant increase in firing accuracy;
  • Deployment of a command and control computer (C2) to analyze sensors and read environmental parameters that interfere with mission execution, in real time, giving the commander greater operational awareness;
  • Deployment of an anti-tank missile launcher system (ATGM) in the tower;
  • Installation of an air-conditioning system to improve the crew’s environment.

According to the Chief of Staff of the Army, General Fernando José Sant’Ana Soares e Silva, the modernization of the Cascavel represents an important step forward.

This vehicle is the skeleton, the backbone of our Mechanized Forces. And this modernization is being carried out together with national industry. This is important to emphasize, because if you don’t have a defense industry, you don’t have sovereignty,” said the general at the end of July, during a presentation of the project at the São Paulo War Arsenal.

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