Brazilian army reinforces security on the western borderBrazilian army reinforces security on the western border

Campo Grande (MS) – Members of the Brazilian Army have been reinforcing actions on the border since November 6, with the launch of Operation Ágata Oeste II. The operation takes place in partnership with various public bodies, coordinating intelligence, surveillance and inspection actions to combat and prevent cross-border crimes. The activities are mainly aimed at combating drug and arms trafficking.

The Western Operational Command carries out road and river blockade operations, motorized patrols and security checkpoints, as well as searches of vehicles and people. So far, 332 actions have been carried out in the border area, which have resulted in the seizure of 9.2 tons of narcotics, 12,000 packs of cigarettes and a large quantity of illegal goods.

Operation Ágata Oeste II is being carried out in coordination with the Brazilian Navy, Federal Police, Federal Revenue Service, Federal Highway Police, Mato Grosso do Sul Secretary of Justice and Public Security, Mato Grosso do Sul Civil Police and Military Police, Border Operations Department, Integrated Border and Border Management Office, The actions also use the technological means of the Integrated Border Monitoring System (SISFRON) and the efforts are integrated with Operation Argos, of the Federal Highway Police, and with Operation Horus MS, of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

To ensure border security, the Army has mobilized the 13th Motorized Infantry Brigade, the 18th Pantanal Infantry Brigade, the 4th Mechanized Cavalry Brigade and the 15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, which operate in Mato Grosso, Mato Grosso do Sul and Paraná.

This week, the Army Commander, General Tomás Miguel Miné Ribeiro Paiva, inspected the troops’ actions on the border and visited the brigades involved in the Operation. In the Pantanal region, General Tomás observed the activities at the road and river blockade posts, and checked the conditions in which the troops and partner agencies were operating. On the border with Paraguay, the Commander inspected the land resources and inspection activities in regions considered strategic, such as Pacuri and Maemi. The Commander also checked the operational capabilities of SISFRON materials.

Operation Ágata Fronteira Oeste II will run continuously until May 2024.

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