FAB technicians complete training in Sweden for Gripen fighter maintenanceFAB technicians complete training in Sweden for Gripen fighter maintenance

First group spent 12 weeks in activities at Saab, in Linköping, and returned to Brazil in June

Nine technicians and two engineers from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) finished a 12-week training course at Saab, in Sweden. The course aims to qualify the officers to maintain the aircraft in the country and to train other technicians in Brazil.

Divided into three modules, the training began with theoretical knowledge about the functionality of the aircraft’s systems and the location of the main components in each system. The second module included classes on how to provide electrical power, cooling and hydraulic pressure to the aircraft.

In the last module, the officers learned how to use the fleet management system, which manages the maintenance schedule of aircraft to ensure their availability.

“This course is a very important step in the Gripen deployment process because it allows our technicians to learn how to work with the aircraft, from flight line services to hangar maintenance and major inspections. It is an honor and a pride to have participated in this process. The next step now is to prepare this same course for the technicians who are in Brazil,” said Sergeant Carlos Afonso Barbosa Wilkerson, who has been serving in FAB for 23 years.

The high technology that surrounds the Gripen also extends to the maintenance and logistical support systems, allowing simplicity and low cost maintenance, as well as shorter aircraft time on ground routines. Thus, the training is fundamental for the deployment of the operation in Brazil in order to keep the aircraft in full operation.

“It was possible to learn the maintenance processes and how Saab works. All of this will make it much easier to implement the activities in Brazil. Gripen is an advanced system, but the man-machine interaction is also made easier for the technicians by the available resources. We are able, for example, to simulate maintenance activities in a virtual environment before going to the aircraft, ensuring greater reliability when performing the service,” commented Sergeant Gabriel da Silva Santiago.

Before returning to Brazil, the group visited the Swedish Air Force’s F7 squadron in Såtenäs, so that they could see, in real time, the Gripen being prepared for missions, flown by pilots from the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) in training. A second group of FAB technicians will arrive in Sweden in August to continue the training.

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