FAB realiza primeiro Exercício Técnico de Reabastecimento em Voo com helicópterosFAB realiza primeiro Exercício Técnico de Reabastecimento em Voo com helicópteros

The Gordo, Falcão and Puma Squadrons participated in the exercise. The flights took place in the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro

Agência Força Aérea, Esquadrão Puma E Major Oliveira Lima

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) held, in June, the Technical Exercise REVO AR, the first in-flight refueling (IFR) exercise (REVO – Reabastecimento em Voo – Aerial refueling) with helicopters, under the coordination of the Preparatory Command (COMPREP). The Exercise has the objective of training Rotor-wing pilots in REVO capabilities. The activity took place in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), with the joint employment of aircraft from the Air Bases of Natal, Santa Cruz and Galeão.

Participating in the exercise were the First Squadron of the First Transport Group (1º/1st GT) – Gordo Squadron, with the KC-130 Hercules refueling aircraft, the First Squadron of the Eighth Aviation Group (1º/8th GAV) – Falcão Squadron, and the Third Squadron of the Eighth Aviation Group (3º/8th GAV) – Puma Squadron, which operate H-36 Caracal helicopters. The flights were carried out in the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro, under military control.

With this exercise, FAB will optimize its operational capacity, allowing the helicopters to act in a faster and more efficient way throughout the national territory, including the ocean area under their responsibility. This not only allows for a more distant rescue from the Brazilian coast, but also allows for the use of the helicopters in Combat Rescue Operations (CSAR) missions.

The FAB H-36 aircraft has already performed a rescue 270 kilometers from Fernando de Noronha. On that occasion, it was necessary to land on the island for refueling. With the in-flight refueling capability, the aircraft will be able to attend to more distant occurrences without the need for intermediate landings, increasing the prompt-response to rescue missions.

According to the Operational Manager of the H-36 Project, Captain Israel Azevedo Luz, the REVO flight with helicopters involves study and preparation, considering the difference in performance between the KC-130 and H-36 aircrafts. “With this training, Brazil joins the select group of countries that have the REVO capacity with Rotary Wing aircrafts,” said the Officer.

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