Anápolis Air Base receives Gripen support and training equipmentAnápolis Air Base receives Gripen support and training equipment  

Training materials and equipment to support the operation of the Brazilian Air Force’s (FAB) F-39 Gripen fighter jets arrived at the Anápolis Air Base in Goiás yesterday. Two Mission Trainers – Gripen E simulators with integrated dome and cockpit – will be installed at the base.

The Mission Trainers will be used both for pilot training in the introductory phase and for operational training using advanced tactical scenarios. With the two pieces of equipment connected, it is possible to perform formation flight training, when two or more aircraft fly close to each other, with the same bow and speed.

The operation support equipment, used by pilots and maintenance personnel, includes: mission planning and evaluation systems, digital data processing software, such as the digital map generation system, as well as data link and communication planning systems.

The equipment also has a ground maintenance support system, which supports the aircraft maintenance data to be analyzed and stored. The maintenance support systems, aimed at training technicians, have a virtual trainer, which projects a 3D image of the Gripen from various angles, allowing details to be magnified and visualized.

Technicians can interact with the image of the aircraft to, for example, simulate the installation of a component or the opening of a maintenance window. In addition, the technical manuals are fully interactive and integrated in the same system, which allows the search for information in a faster and more efficient way. A computer-based training system, divided into classes, is also included.

“This is an important part of the implementation of the contract. Support and training systems are essential to empower the teams and support the program, and our responsibility is to deliver complete and functional systems, as well as training on the use and maintenance of the devices,” says Daniel Rydja, Saab’s Program Director for Support and Training.

FAB has been preparing Anápolis Air Base (BAAN) to receive the Gripen support systems. Last week the Air Force celebrated the inauguration of the new First Air Defense Group (1º GDA) building, the first major structure specifically built for Gripen operation. The new 1st GDA building at BAAN symbolizes a concrete milestone in the operation of the F-39 Gripen vector in the country.
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