AMX attack aircraftAMX attack aircraft

In partnership with research institutes, the Italian Air Force conducted in June an experimental flight with an Italian-Brazilian AMX attack aircraft fueled with a mixture of aviation kerosene and 25% SAF, a synthetic fuel produced from renewable material

The objective of the experiment was to evaluate the viability of using different percentages of biofuels in military aircraft, as well as its effects on components and also the impact in terms of pollutant emissions.

Developed by AMX International, a joint venture between Brazil’s Embraer and Italy’s Alenia and Aermacchi, the AMX is an attack jet that entered service in Italy and Brazil in 1989. It is capable of flying at 1,030 km/h and, in its Brazilian version, is equipped with two 30-mm cannons and the possibility of carrying air-to-air missiles and up to 3,800 kg of external cargo.

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