Exercises mobilize Brazilian army reservists in different regions of the countryExercises mobilize Brazilian army reservists in different regions of the country

Brasília (DF) – The Army carried out the Reservist Mobilization Exercise in three different regions. Mobilization involves the recall to active duty of reservists who have entered this status in the last five years. The aim of this activity is to train reservists so that they are ready to be mobilized in case of need, guaranteeing the country’s defence.

In southern Brazil, the exercise is being carried out by the 62nd Infantry Battalion. A total of 106 young people have been mobilized since October 16 and the exercise will continue until October 27.

In the Southeast, the 4th Military Region has called up troops from the cities of Belo Horizonte, São João Del Rei, Juiz de Fora and Montes Claros. 118 officers, non-commissioned officers, corporals and soldiers from the reserve underwent a health inspection and moved to the 55th Infantry Battalion, located in Montes Claros (MG), where they received uniforms, individual equipment and took part in leveling instructions on united order, offensive operations, combat group maneuverability, orientation, preparatory instruction for firing and carried out basic instruction firing.

Afterwards, the mobilized personnel became part of a Rifle Company, part of the 55th Infantry Battalion, which carried out a field exercise in the context of external defense. The activity began with a march into combat, followed by a night attack with live fire, and ended with a daytime attack to conquer a defensive position. The Montes Claros garrison concluded its activities with a graduation ceremony and the awarding of certificates of participation to the reservists.

In the area of the Planalto Military Command, the 36th Mechanized Infantry Battalion mobilized for two weeks. The activity began on September 29 with a total of 142 reserve soldiers. Those mobilized took part in a military exercise, in which they received instruction, recycling their combat knowledge, and which culminated in an offensive operation.

The Personnel Mobilization is a demonstration of the Armed Forces’ ongoing commitment to maintaining the country’s readiness and ability to respond to a variety of challenges. As reservists prepare to eventually return to service, they play a key role in the security and defense of the nation.


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