Brazilian Army celebrates training 71 new Jungle Warriors for challenges in the Brazilian AmazonBrazilian Army celebrates training 71 new Jungle Warriors for challenges in the Brazilian Amazon

Manaus (AM) – This month, the Jungle Warfare Instruction Center celebrated the graduation of 71 new Jungle Warriors. Over the course of its almost 60-year history, more than 7,000 Jungle Warriors have been trained at the Center. Its instructors are recognized for their competence, dedication and professionalism throughout the training. The new class of the Jungle Operations Course is part of this legacy.

The Jungle Operations Course is divided into three phases: Jungle Life, Special Techniques and Operations. In the first phase, students learn how to survive in the Amazon rainforest with the means it offers. In the second phase, they receive more technical instruction, such as modules on shooting, orientation, explosives and destruction, and the use of aircraft, among others. In the last phase, the student integrates the knowledge acquired, carries out planning, commands or integrates small fractions in operational missions in the jungle.

Throughout the course, soldiers develop the skills of survival, swimming, orientation, combat and command, and become highly specialized Jungle Warriors. Jungle warfare is symbolized by the jaguar, an animal that represents the ability to surround, unsettle and ambush the enemy, always relying on the element of surprise to its advantage.

The Head of the Teaching Division at the Jungle Warfare Instruction Centre, Lieutenant-Colonel Santiago, expressed his satisfaction at leading the training of the new Jungle Warriors, who now return to their military organizations ready to apply the knowledge acquired over twelve weeks of training. He explained that the intense training equips these soldiers for the unique challenges of jungle operations, carried out for the defense, security and development of remote areas of the Amazon Rainforest.

The graduation ceremony brought together military personnel and authorities and symbolized the unity and esprit de corps that characterized these students’ journey, especially during the most challenging moments of their specialization.

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