Exercise "White Wind III" in BlueExercise "White Wind III" in Blue

Between November 18 and 25, the Ira Armored Brigade went to the field with the objective of increasing its operational capacity.

The activities were carried out in the “Los Cerrillos” training camp, near the town of Azul, Province of Buenos Aires. The exercise involved the participation of personnel from the 2nd and 10th Tank Cavalry Regiments, the 1st Armored Artillery Group, the 1st Armored Engineer Squadron and the 1st Armored Intelligence Squadron. In addition, the Tandil Logistics Support Base facilitated the movement of the armored vehicles with its tractor-trailers and large trucks.

During the exercise, tactical movements and combat and logistical support activities were carried out. Also, 155 mm cannon fire was carried out with the main armament and machine guns of the TAMs, as well as with portable weapons.

On the other hand, at the Magdalena Army Garrison training camp, the 7th Mechanized Infantry Regiment, the 8th Tank Cavalry Regiment and the 1st Armored Cavalry Exploration Squadron carried out their military maneuvers.

The activities were conducted by the commander of the Ira Armored Brigade, Major Colonel Miguel Ángel Salguero, and supervised by the 2nd Commander of Army Training and Enlistment, Major Colonel Ramón Alberto Herrera.

The coordination was in charge of the Brigade Command Staff, which deployed facilities, vehicles and means to direct the operation.

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