Doctrinal experimentation exercises support the improvement of military vehiclesDoctrinal experimentation exercises support the improvement of military vehicles

Brasília (DF) – The Advanced Detachment of the Department of Science and Technology (DA-DCT) took part in military exercises aimed at evaluating the performance of the new vehicles recently adopted by the Brazilian Army’s mechanized units.

The Explorer Platoons, responsible for using the VBMT LSR 4X4 Guaicurus vehicles, took part in the exercise, which included reconnaissance missions, crossing waterways, observing and locating targets, as well as other activities typical of mechanized troops.

The training was measured by the joint execution with the Light Reconnaissance Vehicle – ½ Ton Agrale Marruá, which is already part of the Army’s arsenal. With the results obtained, updates will be made to the vehicles’ instruction and operating manuals and improvements will be proposed to the Explorer Platoons’ employment doctrine.

The effective use of these vehicles by specialized units, together with expert analysis, contributes to improving the operational capacity of the Ground Force.

The activities, in the context of Doctrinal Experimentation, took place from October 16 to 27, in the area of the Santa Maria Training Camp (CISM) and on the premises of the 29th Armored Infantry Battalion (29th BIB), in Santa Maria.

Members of the DA-DCT Manufacturing Section closely monitored the doctrinal experimentation exercise of the LSR 4X4 Guaicurus VBMT. This initiative involved teams from the Explorers Platoon of the 30th, 33rd and 34th Mechanized Infantry Battalions, the 29th Armoured Infantry Battalion, and a maintenance team from the 4th Logistics Battalion.

The event was also attended by the Armored Training Center, the Southern Training Center, the 9th Armored Cavalry Regiment and transport units. In addition to the military organizations, leaders from Iveco Defense Vehicles Technical Assistance and specialists from ZF do Brasil Ltda were also present, along with military personnel from the Southern Military Command, the Manufacturing Directorate and the Command of the 15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade.

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