DCT/CTEx and AEL Sistemas demonstrate RDS DEFENSE at the 7th BID Brazil ShowDCT/CTEx and AEL Sistemas demonstrate RDS DEFENSE at the 7th BID Brazil Show

In this edition of the BID Brazil Show, the Army Technological Center (CTEx) is making a public demonstration of the vehicular prototypes of the Ministry of Defense Software Defined Radio Project (RDS DEFESA).

The demonstration has the support of AEL Sistemas, a Brazilian company from the Defense Industrial Base (BID), the main partner in the RDS development. One of the prototypes is installed in a VBTP-MR Guarani. This unit has been integrated to the Army’s Battlefield Management System (GCB) and Platform Management System (Proteus-SGP), under development by the Manufacturing Directorate with support from the System Development Center. A second unit of the Software Defined Radio is on display at the Army’s stand, making voice and data communication with the RDS installed in the Guarani.

During their development, the radios were submitted to a long and rigorous battery of tests following all the requirements of the military standards. These tests evaluated their capacity for effective use in armored platforms, such as vibration, temperature, and electromagnetic emissions.

The radios have Wave Form (Software) for voice and data transmission in the HF and V/UHF bands, developed by CTEx in partnership with CPQD and national cryptographic resource developed by the company KRYPTUS, both companies of the BID. Because it is a 100% National radio, and because it has full control of the technology, the RDS DEFESA is capable of being the vector of interoperability among the forces, integrating different programs such as Link-BR2, the Brazilian Air Force tactical data link system, as well as STERNA (Naval Tactical Radio Frequency Data Link System), SIC2MB (Integrated Command and Control System of the Brazilian Navy) and SisC2FTer (Land Force Command and Control System).

Due to the state of technological maturity acquired in the RDS DEFENSE project, in the first half of 2023, the delivery to CTEx of 16 more “serial head” units by AEL Sistemas is planned. This next step will be the consolidation of the 100% national production Software Defined Radio product as a Strategic Defense Product (PED) and establishes an important milestone in the technological development of the Brazilian Defense Industrial Base.

About the RDS DEFENSE Project

 The RDS DEFENSE Project is part of a Strategic Program of the Ministry of Defense, and is coordinated by CTEx, with the objective of developing a 100% national radio, with complete technological mastery of the waveform (software) and cryptography, and that meets the Joint Operational Requirements (ROC) of the three Forces. RDS DEFESA provides several applications in the context of Command and Control Technical Interoperability, and can be used in strategic programs such as SISFRON, SisGAAz, Guarani, 8×8, among others. 

Among the various advantages of an RDS are the technological independence of hardware and software; the capacity for interoperability, Waveform portability, and for adding new services, without the need for hardware substitution; and the possibility of keeping up with technological advances in the sector of radio communications.

FINEP Support

The RDS DEFENSE Project has financial support from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI), through agreements established with the Financier of Studies and Projects (FINEP).

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