Condor launches first body camera for police useCondor launches first body camera for police use

Brazil’s Condor Non-Lethal Technologies, a global leader in its segment, has announced the start of production of body cameras for police use. This milestone represents a significant strategic and technological advance for the company in response to the growth of this market in Brazil.

Condor’s COP (Police Operation Cameras) are the result of more than a year’s dedication by the team of researchers and engineers at the ICT (Institute of Science and Technology), the only one of its kind in Latin America and maintained by the company at its factory in Nova Iguaçu (RJ). Condor’s bodycams will be presented to the public for the first time at the third edition of COP International. The event, one of the most important in Latin America’s public security scene, will take place between October 25 and 27 at Expo São Paulo.

In recent years, the need for bodycams has grown significantly in Brazil, driven by growing social pressure to reduce police lethality. These devices, already widely adopted in other regions of the world, have proved to be a valuable tool for contributing to the safety of both citizens and security professionals. The Military Police of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo have already incorporated them into their daily operations.

Condor’s COP CAMS stand out for their 12-hour battery life and superior resistance to water and dust compared to the options available on the market. The speed of technical assistance, which is often a difficulty with cameras rented by foreign competitors, is one of the main differentials of this made-in-Brazil model, as highlighted by the company’s spokesperson.

“The decision to produce bodycams in Brazil represents yet another strategic advance by Condor in promoting technological solutions that contribute to a safer and more integrated ecosystem,” says Condor’s Director of Institutional Relations, Luiz Monteiro. “In the current market, many solutions focus exclusively on the exposure and focus of the police officer, while we believe in the concept of a broader approach that integrates public safety as a whole. Our system combines facial recognition technology, OCR and accountability, which are essential demands of society today.”

Another important point that Monteiro highlights is the flexible business model, which aims to optimally meet the needs of customers and the market in general. “We offer sales, leasing or rental options, providing an adaptable approach that adjusts to whatever is most convenient for our customers,” he explains. “Finally, it’s important to note that our system is open and highly integrable, allowing efficient collaboration with other solutions and technologies to create a more effective and complete security environment.”

Through this new investment, Condor is not only consolidating its position as a leading player in the non-lethal technology market, but also reaffirming its ongoing commitment to intelligent, innovative and integrated solutions.

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