Communities living along the banks of the Pantanal in the state of Mato Grosso receive hospital assistanceCommunities living along the banks of the Pantanal in the state of Mato Grosso receive hospital assistance

Services will be provided in the South Branch of the Paraguay River

By Agência Marinha de Notícias – Ladário, MS

From today (23) until July 3, the Hospital Assistance Ship (NAsH) “Tenente Maximiano” will travel 520 km in the South Branch of the Paraguay River for medical and dental assistance to the riverside communities of the South-Mato Grosso Pantanal.

The service, which will begin on Saturday (25), will pass through the towns of Porto Morrinho, Porto da Manga, Porto Esperança, in Corumbá (MS), and Porto Murtinho (MS). “As part of the events commemorating the 200th anniversary of Brazil’s Independence, besides the Medical-Hospital Assistance (ASSHOP – Assistência Médico-Hospitalar), Civic-Social Assistance Actions (ACISO – Ações de Assistência Cívico-Social) will be carried out with the donation of hygiene items, clothes, and toys,” said the ship’s Commander, Lieutenant-Captain Vinicius Rodrigues Travassos Alves.

“The actions of civic-social and hospital assistance to the neediest population of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul are part of the Brazilian Navy’s mission in the region, where the 6th Naval District Command has the purpose of contributing to the fulfillment of the tasks that are the Navy’s responsibility,” highlighted the Commander of the 6th Naval District, Vice Admiral Paulo César Bittencourt Ferreira.

The NAsH¹ is used to provide medical, hospital, dental, and sanitary assistance to the riverside populations; conduct preventive medicine campaigns; and collect material for research on tropical and infectious diseases.

This facility has the capacity to perform X-ray examinations and has a small surgical center, an infirmary, a sterilization room, a purge room, a pharmacy, a laboratory, a medical office, and two dental offices. ASSHOP is supported by the municipal governments of Corumbá and Porto Murtinho.

Commission held in February

From February 7 to 25, the NAsH “Tenente Maximiano” carried out ACISO and ASSHOP in the riverside communities of the North Branch of the Paraguay River (Jatobazinho, Paraguai Mirim, Barra de São Lourenço, Porto São Domingos and Porto Carne Seca) and in the city of Cáceres (MT).

Over 20 days, around 350 people were attended to, among children and adults, totaling 470 medical procedures, 1,161 dental procedures, and the distribution of 77 dental kits, in addition to the donation of clothes and toys to needy families.

¹NAsH – Hospital Assistance Ship

The mission of the Hospital Assistance Ships (NAsH) is to provide medical and dental assistance in the “Health Hubs”, through Hospital Assistance Operations (ASSHOP) to the riverside populations, in order to implant a health and hygiene care mentality, as well as to maintain epidemiological surveillance and combat endemics. Assistance operations in the Amazon region began in 1984.

The ships provide assistance to the riverside populations during their passage through the locations. The kinematics for this assistance are in accordance with the schedule established by the 9th Naval District Command and the Amazon Flotilla Command. On board, there is a health team that operates in the medical and dental areas, being able to perform clinical, dermatological, and radiological laboratory tests, as well as vaginal deliveries, minor surgeries, dental treatment, and large-scale vaccinations.

*** Translated by DEFCONPress Team ***

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