Amazon Festival receives about 60 thousand visitors by river

Amazon Festival receives about 60 thousand visitors by river

Por Capitão-Tenente (RM2-T) Gisleine Assunção Alves – Manaus – AM

On an island in Western Amazonia, surrounded by thick vegetation rich in flora and fauna, the Brazilian Navy through the 9th Naval District Command conducts another operation in order to ensure the safety of life of more than 60 thousand tourists who will prestige the 55th Folkloric Festival of Parintins, on days 24, 25 and June 26.

Far from the Amazon capital, 369 kilometers away, most of the tourists make the trip in regional boats (nets or cabins), which take an average of 15 hours downriver until they reach the city of Parintins (AM). Another way to get to the “Tupinambarana Island” to watch the presentations of “bois” Garantido and Caprichoso is by air.

The “Parintins Operation” began on April 8 with the receipt of requests for Special Surveys for the concession of the “Pass” for vessels traveling on the Manaus (AM) – Juruti (PA) stretch, in the period from June 20 until the end of the event. Before the Festival, 314 authorizations were issued. It is estimated that more than 500 vessels will be moored along the Parintins (AM) shore.

On June 20th, the Western Amazon River Authority started the inspection activities in three fixed posts: one in Manaus (AM), at the meeting of the Rio Negro and Solimões, and the other two in the Naval Inspection barriers in Itacoatiara and Parintins (AM). The goal is to prevent, guide, and curb passenger excesses and/or violations of the Maritime Authority Standards.

“The inspections are being carried out thoroughly, checking the safety items, such as fire extinguishers and life jackets, however we draw attention to the number of passengers. We will not allow an excess of passengers, and if this occurs, the vessel will return to the nearest port”, emphasizes the Captain of the Ports of the Amazon.

For the first time, the tourist Adriana Souza chose to go to Parintins by river. “At the first checkpoint all passengers went down to the floating platform to check the boat’s capacity, this was essential to continue sailing safely,” said Adriana.

Two years without the Festival

In 2022, the number of visitors by river almost tripled compared to the last Festival held in 2019, when the island received about 20,000 tourists via water traffic. In total, the State Government expects more than 100,000 tourists.

Partial Data:
– 567 Vessels Inspected;
– 40 Notified;
– 04 Seizures;
– 61,038 passengers.

Parintins Festival

The name of the festival comes from the place where it takes place, on the island of Parintins, on the banks of the Amazon River. The origin of the festival occurred almost a hundred years ago, when two large rival groups, the “bois”, began their presentations in the streets of downtown Parintins. The boi-bumbá folklore was inspired by the northeastern bumba-meu-boi.

The first boi to appear was Garantido, founded in 1913. Nine years later, in 1922, the Galante bull was founded, which was renamed Caprichoso in 1925. Garantido wears red and Caprichoso wears blue. The event takes place in June, every year.

Navy News Agency *** Translated by DEFCONPress Team ***

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