The Brazilian Navy (MB) and SPE Águas Azuis – a Special Purpose Company composed of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, Embraer Defesa e Segurança and Atech – presented, in an unprecedented manner, on June 21st, at thyssenkrupp Estaleiro Brasil Sul (tkEBS) in Itajaí-SC, the section of one of the engine rooms of the future Tamandaré Class Frigate.

This Mockup reproduces in real dimensions the referred ship structure to be qualified by the Classification Society and by the applicable norms and contractual requirements, and thus start the fabrication of the ship still this year. The most modern and innovative naval project ever developed in the country, the Tamandaré Class Frigates Program (PFCT), conducted since 2017 by the Brazilian Navy, executed by Águas Azuis and managed by the Management Company of Naval Projects (EMGEPRON), provides for the construction, in national territory, of four ships of high technological complexity.

The Tamandaré Class Frigate will be versatile and modern escorts, with high capacity for mobility, permanence, communications, combat, surveillance and reaction, and, therefore, capable of a broad spectrum of employment and protection of the maritime area belonging to Brazil. Their characteristics will allow for an increase in search and rescue operations; allow for the monitoring and combating of pollution, piracy, and illegal fishing actions, among other threats, increasing maritime security in the Blue Amazon.

With these ships, the Brazilian Navy will be better able to meet eventual international commitments assumed by foreign policy in a manner compatible with the stature and insertion of Brazil in the international arena.

The acquisition of these ships is part of the modernization objectives of the Naval Force, more specifically the construction of the Naval Power Core, which aims to renew the Brazilian fleet. Besides representing a joint effort for the development of the defense industrial base, training and improving the naval construction workforce, and promoting the National Defense Industry.

The construction contract was signed on March 5, 2020, between EMGEPRON, an independent state-owned company, linked to the Ministry of Defense through the Navy Command, and the Special Purpose Company Águas Azuis.

Ship dimensions and expected benefits

The Tamandaré Class Frigate have characteristics such as displacement of 3,380 t, length of 107 m, maximum width of 16 m, autonomy of 5,000 MN (9,260 km) at cruising speed, maximum speed of 25.5 knots (47.2 km/h) and a total crew of about 130 military personnel.

The Tamandaré Class Frigates Program foresees the transfer of technology and the training of companies and the Brazilian Navy (MB). This technology is dominated by few countries and its incorporation to the national technological spectrum represents a step not only in guaranteeing independence in adaptive and evolutionary maintenance of current and future naval means, but also important dual reflexes in applications in the national industry.

Developed based on a solid model of national partnership, the PFCT has the potential to generate direct and indirect high-skill jobs in Brazil through technology transfer and local content rates above 30% for the first ship and 40% for the other vessels. It is expected the hiring of about 2,000 direct workers, who will receive training in design and construction of warships of high technological complexity, and the generation of another 6,000 indirect jobs.

From the construction point of view, the incorporation of modern planning techniques and shipbuilding concepts, applied in the design of the renowned MEKO class of warships, owned by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS), and their absorption and incorporation by a shipyard in national territory, with the employment of national labor and reflexes on the maintenance of the national maritime industry, represent a strong contribution to innovation and maintenance of shipbuilding technology in the country.

Specific Purpose Company “Águas Azuis¹”

The companies that are members of Águas Azuis have a solid and long history of relationship with Brazil, besides a strong presence in several other countries. thyssenkrupp Marine Systems is providing the naval technology of its proven MEKO Class defense shipbuilding platform, already used in 82 vessels in operation in the navies of 15 countries, including Portugal, Greece, Australia, Argentina and Algeria.

Embraer Defense and Security is responsible for integrating some sensors and armaments to the combat system, incorporating its more than 50 years of experience in systems technology solutions and in-service support to the Program.

Atech, an Embraer Group company specialized in systems engineering and integration, is responsible for developing the Combat Management System (CMS), the Tactical Data Link and for the Integration and Testing activities of the combat system, in partnership with ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, a subsidiary of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, and also the Integrated Platform Management System (IPMS), in partnership with L3Harris.

Atech is participating, together with the Brazilian Navy, in the Technology Transfer process of these Systems, an activity of great importance that will allow us to have the knowledge and tools to operate and maintain the ship’s systems in the future.

The naval alliance between thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and Embraer Defense & Security will also allow the creation of bases for the exportation of naval defense products from Brazil.

¹Águas Azuis – Translated to english: Blue Waters

Source: MARINHA DO BRASIL – Navy Social Communication Center*** Translated by DEFCONPress Team ***

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