The 1st Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense Battalion (1º Btl CBRNE Defence – 1º Btl DQBRN in Portuguese) supported, from May 16 to 23, Operation Aratu VII, part of the preparation of a subunit of the 12th Light Infantry Brigade (Aeromobile) that will participate in the Combined Operations and Rotation Exercises (CORE 22) in August of this year. CORE is a combined exercise between Brazil and the United States of America, scheduled to take place at Fort Polk, Louisiana, USA.

The trained troops used gas masks and permeable protective combat clothing as personal protective equipment, under the guidance of a CBRNE liaison officer. There were also leveling instructions on procedures in case of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear emergencies, and the appropriate use of operational preventive protection measures according to the troop’s performance degradation factor.

During the operation, simulated military problems were programmed, with the troops receiving protection equipment by means of air mobile supply for a night attack. There was also a reproduction of the conditions of a daytime attack in a contaminated environment, making the actions more realistic and requiring the correct use of the equipment by the trained troops.

Source: 1st Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense Battalion

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