The Joint Peacekeeping Operations Center of Brazil conducted the Peace Mission Preparation Internship from March 14 to May 20, in Rio de Janeiro. Twenty-six trainees were trained, 11 of them from the Brazilian Army, seven from the Brazilian Navy, four from the Brazilian Air Force, two military police officers, as well as one officer from Indonesia and one from Namibia.

The purpose of the internship was to prepare military and police officers to perform the functions that are the responsibility of staff officers (UN Staff Officers), military observers (UN Military Observers) and United Nations police officers (UN Individual Police Officers), in UN peacekeeping operations.

The Peacekeeping Preparedness Internship was conducted entirely in English, in compliance with the curriculum defined by the UN Department of Peace Operations, through the Core Pre-deployment Training Material and Specialized Training Material programs.

Source: Joint Peacekeeping Operations Center of Brazil

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