CBC launches new family of exclusive ammunition for Polymatch trainingCBC launches new family of exclusive ammunition for Polymatch training

Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC), a Strategic Defense Company and world leader in ammunition, is launching in the market the new family of Polymatch ammunition, developed in the main calibers of small arms: 9mm, .45Auto, .40S&W, .38SPL, .357Mag and, soon, .380Auto (which is in the process of approval by the competent organ).

Exclusive for training purposes, their projectiles are coated with four layers of special polymer, and are loaded with adequate projectile weight to provide recoil and accuracy similar to operational ammunition.

The polymer coating of the Polymatch projectile provides less heating and friction in the gun barrel when compared to jacketed projectiles, thus extending gun life.

Another differential is the reduction of smoke emission and less lead accumulation in the gun, when compared to ammunition with conventional lead projectiles. Besides offering consumers the reliability of an original factory ammunition and excellent cost-benefit, it enables constant training.

CBC is the largest integrated industrial ammunition manufacturing complex in the world. Its structure also includes the initiator and propellant factory, machine and technology engineering, as well as quality control and ballistics laboratories.

“All products marketed by CBC are submitted to exhaustive tests during development, covering ballistic performance and compliance with international standards, besides having certificates of qualification recognition from the most renowned world bodies. All this structure combined with its international credibility, made CBC reach the level of world leader in ammunition manufacturing, a source of pride for us Brazilians”, says Paulo Ricardo Gomes, Commercial & Marketing Director of CBC.

The pre-launch of the new Polymatch ammunition family took place in July 2022 at the Platinum Partner stores, of the Retailer Relationship Program (PRLO) promoted by Companhia Brasileira de Cartuchos (CBC) and Taurus. These stores have, among other benefits, early access to product launches of CBC and TAURUS brands.

The official launching of the new Polymatch ammunition family to the market took place on July 18, with commercialization in CBC reseller stores all over Brazil.

About CBC

Solidity, innovation and focus on the client. This has been CBC’s posture since its foundation, in 1926.

In the production plants in São Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) , a complete range of products is manufactured for defense, security, sports and leisure, including a series of innovative ammunition, developed with its own technology. Strategic Defense Company, CBC is guided by the commitment to contribute to the operations and missions of the Public Security Forces and Armed Forces of Brazil, acting as national arsenal to defend the national sovereignty. Internationally, CBC has a global presence and is one of the world’s largest suppliers of ammunition to NATO countries.

With production units in Brazil, Germany and the Czech Republic and distribution centers in Brazil, the United States and Europe, the CBC Group is a world leader in ammunition for portable weapons. The reliability of its products is attested by 130 countries, in the 5 continents.

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