Against theft and robbery, emergency button is a new ally of shooting clubs in BrazilAgainst theft and robbery, emergency button is a new ally of shooting clubs in Brazil

Firearms are an ever-growing market. Only between June 2021 and March this year, the number of active gun clubs in the country increased 41%, jumping from 1458 to 2070. In just nine months, Brazil gained 620 new stores for the sale of weapons, according to data collected by the Army, responsible for supervising this trade.

In total, there are more than 600,000 people who have active firearms licenses in Brazil, a considerable volume that exceeds the number of military police officers in action in the country, which today reaches 406,300 agents, or military personnel in service, which total 357,000 in the Armed Forces.

These numbers show the growth of this sector, at the same time that they are attracting the attention of gangs and criminals. With more weapons available, both gun clubs and their members, as well as stores specializing in weapons, are becoming targets for criminal actions.

Between 2018 and 2020, the level of lost or stolen weapons is stable (between 509 and 606 per year, considering only cases in which there was an official report of the theft or loss), but in 2021 there was a jump to almost 700, and if the average is maintained, we may have more than 1,100 cases by the end of 2022.

To inhibit and even frustrate robbery and theft actions, many establishments are adopting the portable emergency button integrated with a monitoring center as a security alternative. For Henrique Ribas, President of the Patriots Shooting and Hunting Club, a good alternative is the ztrax portable button:

“So far fortunately no theft or attempted theft involving members outside the club has happened, but their gun store has already been targeted for theft in the middle of the night due to a one-time failure of the security company. Fear still scares all gun owners, because CACs (Collectors, Sport Shooters and Hunters) do not have the right to carry, but only to own a gun, since guns need to be kept in safes or in secure locations. This way, when you get home, any bandit or criminal with any sharp object can unfortunately steal your weapons.

Emergency button brings more security

For Henrique, the Shooting Club’s partnership with ztrax will make the members calmer: “Today we need a portable emergency button in every home, linked to a monitoring company, or people who can be trusted to receive this alert. Even armed, or with guns in the house, we are at the mercy of robberies and this button can reduce the reaction time of the police or rapid response team against the criminals, ensuring a better chance of recovering and getting out alive from a situation”.

Competitive Differential

Marcelo Lonzetti, commercial director of the ztrax company, explains that the technology has become an important differential for gun stores and shooting clubs in several states around the country, either for those who are members of the clubs or for those who want to buy a new gun.

When activated, the button, which is portable, silently sends an alert that something is happening directly to the hired security company:

“The ztrax button has become a great attraction for new members and for those acquiring a firearm. With the button in hand, it is possible to download the free application that will send the signal to be monitored in cases of theft of the weapon”, adds Marcelo.

*** Translated by the DEFCONPress Team***

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