Military personnel from the National Defense College of Tanzania participated, on Monday (30), in a series of lectures held at the Ministry of Defense (MD) of Brazil. The event had the purpose of expanding the relationship between the two countries and promoting the exchange of knowledge in the field of Defense, focused on the actions of the Ministry and the Brazilian Armed Forces.

Thus, it contributes to a greater projection of the country in the international scenario of the concert of nations. On the occasion, the Deputy Head of International Affairs, Brigadier General Sérgio Rezende de Queiroz, welcomed the Tanzanian military.

“It is with great satisfaction that the Ministry of Defense receives the entourage in this exchange that is so important for the exchange of knowledge between our countries.” During the meeting, topics such as strategic planning and joint action of the Brazilian Armed Forces were discussed, as well as the main aspects of the national defense industry.

Representatives from the Strategic Affairs Department, the Joint Operations Department, and the Defense Products Secretariat, all from the Ministry of Defense, were in charge of the explanations.

The Military Coordinator of the Deputy Head of Policy and Strategy, Lieutenant Colonel Marcelo Muller Pons, highlighted the importance of the event for Defense. “It is part of the strategic conception of defense to increase mutual trust with other nations. Therefore, being able to disseminate the National Defense Policy and the National Defense Strategy to the delegation from the Tanzania National Defense College, besides being foreseen in these documents, is also extremely important to strengthen the bonds of friendship with the African countries”, he pointed out.

By Rayane Bueno (MD) – Photos: Hamilton Garcia

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